How to Find Your Spirit Animal?

Do you wish you knew which animal you indeed are? 

Maybe you’re curious about what animal best represents your personality? Perhaps you’re looking to figure out what type of animal is best as your spirit animal? 

Finding a spirit animal is much like finding your true calling in life. It’s not something that should be planned or sought; it should be discovered. Spirit animals come in various forms, and some people view them as ‘lucky charms’ or ‘guardian angels.’ Others view them as ‘symbols of your past life’ or ‘guardians of the future.’ 

Whatever your view, it’s always best to accept your spirit animal and embrace it for what it offers, rather than trying to force it to conform to your expectations. It is the best way to experience your spirit animal’s benefits and wisdom. 

Animals act as spirit guides because spirit animals represent instincts and inner desires in people’s life journeys. They are similar to our animal totems but go beyond physical traits such as cats or dogs. 

They bring messages of guidance or insight to our lives. Your spirit animal represents your inner self and your quest for self-realization. 

Spirit animals have unique physical traits which reflect your strengths and weaknesses. They can help you discover yourself and lead you on the right path. 

Spirit animals never leave us alone and guide us to the right path when we need it the most. They are there to protect us and give us confidence when we need it most. 

You can discover your spirit animal by looking within yourself and understanding your spiritual needs. There are various ways you can use to identify your spirit animal. They are reading tarot cards, meditating, and thinking of animal totems. 

With so many animal spirits guides out there right now – it can be hard to find your spirit animal. With so many options, choosing among the animal totems can be challenging. 

This simple guide was created. As a result, to assist you in choosing your spirit animal. These steps are designed to help you narrow down your search and find the perfect guide for you.

So, maybe it’s time to find your spirit animal! Follow this simple guide to discover your spirit animal and connection to the spiritual kingdom. 

What is Spirit Animal? 

Before we start finding your spirit animal, it’s essential to know what an animal spirit guide is in the first place. An animal spirit guide symbolizes your inner being and connection to the spirit world. 

Your spirit animal is connected to your traits and personality traits; it is your symbol of peace and comfort amidst all the chaos in the world. Spirit animals show you the right path through the darkened tunnel by providing their wisdom to you when you need it the most. 

Start by thinking of an animal you love and care about deeply – that animal represents your inner self. If you adore cats, then felines are your spirit guides! Likewise, if you have a deep connection with dogs, then dogs might be your spirit animal! 

Every animal has a meaning or symbolism behind it. Think carefully to identify your pet peeves and your weaknesses. They will certainly help you pick the right spirit animal for you! 

Once you identify an animal that resonates with you, dig deeper to discover the meaning behind that animal and what it means to you. It will help you understand your connection to your spiritual being. 

Way to Discover With Your Spirit Animal 

Discover your spirit animal by thinking of animals you identify with and identifying your traits and characteristics. 

You understand that you have a deep connection to nature itself. But how can you discover your spirit animal? By finding your spirit animal, you revitalize your connection to nature. 

Here are four ways or methods you can use to learn your spirit animal:

Seeing a Particular Animal in your Daily Life:

When you observe an animal in your day-to-day life, ask yourself, “What does this animal mean to me?” When you see a particular animal, it signifies something to you. 

That animal is a symbol of your traits and characteristics. Maybe that cat was cute, or the dog was playful or affectionate. Or perhaps it was intimidating or scary! So ask yourself, what does that animal mean to you? How did that animal make you feel? 

That animal represents your inner being and your connection to the spirit world. Maybe you felt happy, calm, or comforted by that animal! Or perhaps it scared you or made you nervous. 

Dreaming About the Same Animal 

When you dream about a particular animal for recurring nights in a row, it is a message from the spirit world to connect to that animal firmly. 

Please pay attention to that beast in the dream and consider it a symbol of your traits and characteristics. Once you do that, you will understand the meaning of the recurring dreams about that animal. 

Maybe the animal gave you a message or showed you a sign of something meaningful in your daily life. Listen closely to your dreams and what you interpret them to imply when you wake up. 

Notice Your Animal Instincts: 

You can identify your spirit animal by noticing your instinctive reaction to a particular animal. Do you feel comfortable around certain animals? Does a specific animal make you feel uncomfortable? If yes, then that animal is your spiritual guide! So focus on alone time with a particular animal and pay close attention to how it makes you feel. 

Closely Observe any SIgn or Symbole of this Particular Animal:

When you see a particular sign that reminds you of that animal, it’s your sign from the spirit world and from your inner being to connect to that animal. For example, when you see a circus show or a poster of a lion, and you feel a specific connection with that sign, that lion is your spiritual guide or guardian. 

You will notice other signs or symbols that remind you of that animal. Pay attention to how these signs connect with you. Also, Keep an eye out for your emotions when you have that experience. 

Keep Your Mind Open to Receiving Messages:

Remember that your spirit guide is always living inside you and connected to you! Open your mind to receive messages from the spirit world and your inner being. Then, focus on connecting with your spiritual guide or guardian! 

It will allow you to receive guidance and make the right decision in life! It also hints at your spirit guide’s personality, which will give you a stronger connection between the two of you! 

Also, With time you will understand the connection between your spiritual guide’s personality and your traits and characteristics! So, accept the message from your spiritual guide and trust it! 

How to Connect With Your Spirit Animal 

After recognizing your spirit animal, it’s time to connect and understand it better! Start by noticing its unique traits and characteristics. For example, what does my spirit animal like to do? Or what does my spiritual guide like to eat? Knowing these things gives you a better description of your spirit animal! 

Next, you can meditate about it and listen to your inner voice. It will help you connect to your spiritual guide and understand its personality. 


Know More About Your Spirit Animal: Gather more information about your spirit animal, its characteristics, and personality traits. It will help you know more about your spiritual guide and allow you to better connect with it! Below are steps to help you connect with Your Spirit Animal Easier: 

Read books, search for information on the internet, read blogs, etc. It will give you more knowledge about your spiritual guide and allow you to understand its personality better. 

For example: If your spiritual guide is an owl, go to the library and read anything about an owl. Find a book about horses on the internet, or better still, search for “My Spirit Animal is an owl,” and you will find many blogs about owls! 

Meditate & Listen To Your Inner Voice: Next, meditate about your spirit animal and listen if it tells you anything! Focus on how it makes you feel, what it feels like, and what it does! It will allow you to better understand your spirit guide’s personality and connect with it!

Meditation can help you to connect better with your spiritual guide. So, relax and focus on your meditation or prayer. Learn more about the character of your spiritual guidance by listening to your inner voice! 

Respect Your Spirit Animal: Respect your spiritual guide’s feelings and personality. Don’t try to force your spiritual guide to do certain things. If it wants to move here and there, let it do it! If it wants to stop and eat something, allow it to do so. Respect your spiritual guide, which will enable you to connect with it much better! Your spiritual guide needs your trust and respect. 

When you honor and respect your spiritual guide, it will trust and respect you more. It will allow you to connect with it better and understand your spiritual guide’s personality. It creates a bond between you two. 

Take a Quiz: Finally, take a quiz and test your spirit animal’s characteristics! These quizzes are often based on true stories and will help you learn more about your spiritual guide. Taking a quiz will allow you to know more about your spiritual guide and will allow you to understand its personality better. 

Some Popular Spirit Animal: 

Below I mention a list of some of the most well-known spirit animals and their symbolic meanings: 


As a spirit animal, Owl reminds you to embrace the change and overcome the darkness within your life. This spirit animal allows you to see in the dark and see things clearer with wisdom. 

It also teaches you how to become independent and trust your inner voice. This spirit animal helps you surrender, accept that your life is in your hands, and follow your intuition. This spirit animal enables you to see things more clearly than you usually see and helps you make important decisions in your life. 


Bears symbolize power and strength. This spirit animal represents solitude and teaches you to be independent and self-sufficient. It helps you deal with the reality in life and shows you the importance of maintaining balance in your everyday life. 

This spirit animal signifies the importance of being humble and letting things happen in their own time without any intervention on your part. This animal also represents wisdom and helps you make important life decisions with attention to detail.


The eagle symbolizes freedom and liberty as a spirit animal. This spirit animal helps you break away from emotional trauma and past relationships that have caused you emotional harm. 

Eagle gives you the strength to overcome any difficulties. It teaches you to fly high and face any opponent with confidence and courage. This animal also symbolizes strong leadership qualities and leads you to be dominant over others. 


Tiger symbolizes strength and power as a spirit animal. This spirit animal reminds you to take action and face your fears in life. It also reminds you to wait for the opportunity and the right time to make your move and believe in yourself. 

This spirit animal also teaches you about the power of solitude and being independent. This animal also teaches you the importance of believing in yourself and having faith in your abilities and talents to achieve your goals in life. 


Wolf defines your instincts and teaches you to trust your inner voice and listen to your heart as a spirit animal. It symbolizes your wild side and teaches you how to trust your emotions and heart to make life decisions. 

The wolf teaches you how to become self-sufficient and adapt to any hardships in life. This animal also teaches us the importance of being genuine and truthful in our opinions, thoughts, and actions. This spirit animal helps you be social positively and leads you to be empathetic towards others. 


Dog as a spirit animal symbolizes loyalty. It teaches you about how you are dependent on your companions and loved ones in life. It also guides how they help you overcome difficulties through support and understanding. 

A dog reminds you about what family means to you and how it helps you achieve success in life. It is also a symbol of protection, unconditional love, acceptance, personal strength, and friendships. This spirit animal also signifies trust, devotion, and faithfulness. It also teaches you the importance of having a solid support system. 


The lion symbolizes strength as a spirit animal. This spirit animal reminds you about the power of leadership, being fearless, and not being afraid to take risks. This spirit animal also teaches you to be confident and have faith in your abilities to accomplish your goals and be successful in life.

The lion also teaches you how to overcome obstacles and take risks in life to pursue your goals and dreams. This animal also instills pride and teaches the importance of overcoming your weaknesses to become the best version of yourself. 


The cat as a spirit animal symbolizes love, peace, and tranquillity. This spirit animal reminds you about the importance of self-love and inner peace in achieving your goals and dreams in life. It also teaches you how to be patient and give time to yourself to heal and recover from your hardships in life. The cat also reminds you about the importance of being flexible in life and being open to changes and challenges to achieve success in life. 

A cat helps you stay peaceful and calm when faced with difficulties and challenges in life. It makes you curious and gives you the courage so that you’re better able to succeed in life. 


This spirit animal symbolizes healing energy and protection as a spirit animal. This animal teaches you how to work on yourself and practice self-care to achieve your goals and dreams in life. 

The snake also symbolizes the transformation and the rebirth of new opportunities in your life. It instructs you how to succeed in life by believing in yourself and not focusing on what you can’t control. This animal also guides you on the importance of letting go to make room for new opportunities and blessings in life. 


The butterfly is a spirit animal that symbolizes change and transformation as a spirit animal. This animal reminds you to embrace change and transformation in life because change is the only way to grow and become a better person for yourself and those around you. 

It also symbolizes endurance and the strength to endure the hard times and rise again and succeed in your life. This animal teaches you how to rise above your challenges in life and achieve your highest potential and purpose in life. 


The whale as a spirit animal symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, confidence, and determination as a spirit animal. This animal reminds you of the importance of pursuing your dreams and goals in life and having faith in yourself to attain the goals you set for yourself. This animal teaches you how to make the most of your life, maintain optimism in the face of difficulty, and realize your hopes and ambitions.

The whale also symbolizes the importance of unconditional love in achieving your success and dreams in life. This animal encourages you to love yourself, focus on your dreams, let go of what you can’t control, and make space for new opportunities and blessings in your life. 


The ant as a spirit animal symbolizes hard work, persistence, and determination as a spirit animal. This animal teaches you to work hard and persevere to reach your highest potential and purpose in life and achieve success. This animal reminds you to stay committed to your goals and dreams and never to give up even when there are tough times and obstacles along the way. 

The ant also symbolizes the importance of teamwork in achieving your goals and dreams in life. This spirit animal encourages you to be a team player and to work with others to reach the goals you set for yourself. The ant also symbolizes how being organized helps you achieve your goals and dreams in life. 


In conclusion, have fun! Understand your spirit guide’s nature and characteristics, which will help you understand more about your spiritual journey! As you learn more and more about your spiritual guide’s personality, it will give you more peace. 

Spirit animals are important symbols that remind you of important life lessons and messages that will help you succeed. These animals will help you stay positive and grounded when faced with challenges and obstacles in your life. They also help you to reach your highest potential and purpose in life. 

So, obey your spirit guide’s guidance to reach your highest potential and purpose in life! What is your spirit guide’s personality? Let us know in the comment section.